A 10 Year Guide to Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

If you’ve been with your special someone for some time now, you’ve probably grown more than acquainted with the fact that anniversaries are far more than a date marked on a calendar.


As a way to celebrate a love that grows stronger with each passing year, anniversaries symbolize a milestone in any couple’s journey towards living a long and fulfilling life together. Whether it may be courtship or marriage, this achievement bears far more significance as time passes because it symbolizes a couple’s resilience to the hardships and challenges along the way.


To jewelers, such a momentous occasion is important because of how well it goes hand-in-hand with the practice of giving gifts that immortalize the sentiment of the occasion.

Gold, diamonds, rubies, and pearls all make wonderful gifts, but if you’ll be gifting some jewels to your beloved, how do you know which one is the best? It’s simple—choose the type of jewelry that corresponds to the years the two of you have enjoyed together.

The importance of knowing— and a quick guide to get you started

What most people don’t know about buying shiny things to celebrate an anniversary is that each year, based on historical and cultural significance, lines up with a specific type of metal or material. Although it may not seem like much, being aware of the jewel type that corresponds with the year is a great way to celebrate the occasion with a bit of tradition.


Fortunately, impressing your lover with higher-tier knowledge, effort, and a shiny piece of jewelry on specific anniversaries isn’t too difficult if you know what to look for. While there may be many more assigned materials in the years past ten, we’ve decided to cover the first decade so you can start getting prepared:


The first anniversary: A gold watch

The first year may not seem too long, but it’s a milestone that many claim to be one of the most definitive and momentous markers along the way. What better way to celebrate than with a gold watch? Although you may be stuck with a tighter budget during this part of the journey, gold timepieces can be scored for a reasonable price if you’re looking in the right places (such as Oath Jewellery) and dedicated to spending time to find the perfect deal!


The fifth anniversary: A pink tourmaline necklace

After five years, you’re no longer a stranger to each other’s tendencies, wants, and needs. In fact, you’ve both likely begun working towards your long-term goals and started thinking about the life you want to live together. While this may definitely be a significant milestone, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank because you can meet expectations and aptly celebrate the occasion with a stunning pink tourmaline necklace!

The tenth anniversary: A pair of diamond earrings

Ten years spent together is certainly a major occasion! It’s only right that you live up to the occasion with a gift that’s just as unforgettable. In special moments like these, your best bet at impressing your significant other and topping expectations is to go for a stunning pair of diamond earrings that luster as prominently as the love you share.



If you aren’t well-versed with the kinds of jewelry that best correspond to the milestone you’re celebrating, it pays to brush up on the basics and make sure you don’t come unprepared. With the help of this guide, however, you’ll be able to navigate your way through the first, fifth, and tenth-anniversary gift ideas with relative ease!

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